Brokerage accounts belong to investors who keep their assets in the form of stocks, currencies, or bonds. Easily opened and maintained with a brokerage firm, an account holder can do trading (online or offline) and make steady profits.

However, one should not rush in and open an account blindly. There are a couple of things an individual must know before opening a brokerage account. Let’s discuss this further:

Choosing a Service

This is the first and foremost step – choosing a brokerage firm to open an account. Currently, there are two types of stockbrokers: traditional and discount brokers. When you hire the services of a full-service broker, also known as a traditional broker, they work closely with you and help you make the right calls on your behalf. However, in return, they charge a service fee as commission – but they guarantee steady profits due to their experience and market knowledge.

On the contrary, when you choose to work with a discount broker, you have to call in all the trades yourself. The only help you are going to get is that the discount broker will provide the necessary tools for buying and selling orders.

Minimum Account Maintenance

Depending on the brokerage firm/account you choose, they have different requirements when it comes to opening balances. Many firms will have a strict opening balance requirement of approximately $1,000-2,000 while others would be fine with a small deposit. Recently, many no minimum deposit brokers have surfaced as well.

The decision is yours! Do your due diligence and choose the one that fits your needs.

Services and Benefits

If you are planning to work with a full-service broker, this is something you should not be worried about. Why? This is because you will have the entire access to the broker where you will be able to view analysis, research, and reports.

This is a concern for those opting for discount brokers as the offerings in comparison to traditional brokers can be significant. Online trading is 90% preparation – and, if you do not have all the resources at your disposal, you might be losing money.


It is essential to know about the brokerage firm where you are planning to open an account. Brokerage accounts are a great way to trade online. However, we recommend choosing a reliable, trustworthy brokerage firm that can guarantee peace of mind and security.

After all, you do not want to lose your money due to unreliability.