Meet the Legend

Meta Trade 4 is the world’s most popular trading platform. With a highly customisable interface, and a host of built-in indicators and charting tools.

Mobile Version

How about giving your clients mobile access to financial markets on the move?

The mobile version includes popular analytical tools, full sets of trading orders and interactive quotation charts.

MT4 Platform

Traders worldwide having an extensive variety of necessities pick MetaTrader 4 to trade in the market. This platform offers sufficient opportunities to dealers and traders of all levels


Meet the Innovation

An innovative successor multi-asset trading platform, MetaTrader 5 is currently the world’s most powerful and user-friendly trading platform. With one-click trading, enabled and optimized strategy testing, superior charting facilities alongside speed, security, and reliability – you could never go wrong

MT5 Platform

To name a few: it supports VPS, Level II pricing, Supports algorithmic trading, allows unlimited* accounts and supports cryptocurrency trading

Cross-Platform Mobility

Being compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and can also be accessed from a smartphone or tablet, whether it has an iOS or Android operating system.

BroSol MT4 VS BroSol MT5

Compare our Trading Platforms

Partial Order Filling Policies Yes No
Order Fill Policy Fill or Kill
Immediate or Cancel
Fill or Kill
Pending Order Types 6 4
Depth of Market Yes No
Time & Sales (Exchange data) Yes No
Technical Indicators 38 30
Graphical Objects 44 31
Timeframes 21 9
Economic Calendar Yes No
Email System Yes Yes
Transfer funds between accounts Yes No
Embedded MQL5.community chat Yes No
Strategy Tester Multi-threaded
+ Multi-currency
+ Real ticks
Single thread
Multilingual Unicode Yes No
Netting Yes No
Hedging Yes Yes
Symbols Unlimited 1 024
Supported Markets Forex / Futures /
Options / Stocks / Bonds
Exchange Trading Yes No